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The James Boys Story

"On The Road" story by Hal Jenkins (Cold War veteran), who I had the pleasure to travel with in October 2015

The story, as best I can remember, is:  My great grandfather Jenkins, (a Union Army veteran who had survived a year as a prisoner in the infamous Andersonville Prison Camp). was traveling north on a road in Northwest Missouri where he lived.  This was right after the Civil War and the James brothers were quite active.  As he was traveling north he observed two men on horseback traveling west on an intersecting road.  They were playing a game where, riding at a full gallop. the leading rider would throw a hat to the ground and the following rider would swoop down and pick it up then take the lead and drop the hat for the other rider to pick up.  They were too distant for him to see any facial features but he was sure that they were not local residents. He turned west when he reached the intersection of the roads and followed after the riders.  Soon he saw a hunting knife laying on the road and when he retrieved it saw that it bore the initials FJ.  Impossible to prove that it belonged to Frank James but it seems likely that it did.  In later years the knife was loaned to a family member who was going hunting in Colorado and he managed to lose it there.

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The James Boys Story
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