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In search of the Orphic egg

November 2014

I am very happy to announce that our expedition in search of the only Orphic egg on the Balkans was successful! It took our leader Professor Orachev only few hours to find this unique monument of the Thracian culture and there in the bushy shores of the Kayabsh swamp, he told us the following story ....

.... long time ago there were powerful and strong people called Narti. They were born from the rocks where they were breathed in from their mothers. The mothers were visiting the rocks every day and listening to the growing hero inside. When they knew its time, they called Kordeon (the sky blacksmith) and he rived the rock and the hero was born ...
The Narti were so strong, that could easily defeat 20 people at once. They were brothers with the Gods and spoke hatski language. They were able to throw spells and go to the underworld

According to Professor Orachev that Caucasian legend is related to the stone egg we found. So far only in 5 places across the lands of Ancient Thrace are found similar movable altars in a shape of a broken cap.

Amazing video showing the discovery of the only Orphic egg on the Balkans. A story narrated by the honorable Professor Orachev .... The English translation begins at 8:15

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In search of the Orphic egg
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