Since 1993 many travelers from all over the world have enjoyed my private Bulgaria tours. Visiting popular sights or walking "off the beaten path", hiking the mountains or simply being on The Road, here in my "Customers Gallery", you can see pictures of some of them including myself ...

By the Dolni Glavanak cromlech with Kaali from Australia

Enjoying the Bulgarian Rose with Patricia from Paris, France

My long term friends and clients Amy and Jan McCoy from Oregon, USA

Kuo's family from Taiwan

At Rila Monastery with Jack and Joe from the USA

Riding horses with Myrna and Lois from Canada

Sharing the Road with Judi from the USA

Dancing with Gandalf from Wales

Keith and Sue from the USA

Margret and John from Scotland

At Tatul with Kim and Howard from New Zealand

Fishing with Mingo from the USA

The General from Kentucky, USA

Mirari, Eider and Asier from Pais Vasco, Spain

With Baba from Turkey

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