Since 1993 many travelers from all over the world have enjoyed my private Bulgaria tours. Visiting popular sights or walking "off the beaten path", hiking the mountains or simply being on The Road, here in my "Customers Gallery", you can see pictures of some of them including myself ...

Discovering Bulgaria with Sharon's family from the UK

Hiking the Central Balkan with Anna from England

The Battle of Varna with Gunhan and Akan from Turkey

Wine tasting with Tim and Amanda from Australia

At Buzludzha with Carolyn from Florida, USA

Showing Rila Monastery to Flemish people

At Demir Baba teke with Cathryne and Mac from Australia

The Gadjev family from New York, the USA

The Farrugia family from Malta

At the "Bears" with a group of Japanese

At Indi Pascha with the Toledo family from Israel

Visiting the Old Nesebar with the Mico family from Spain

Traveling Bulgaria with Vicki and her husband Lee, from Virginia, the USA

With two Vietnam vets - Jim and Eric Bromberger "Charlie, Second of the Fifth"

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