Since 1993 many travelers from all over the world have enjoyed my private Bulgaria tours. Visiting popular sights or walking "off the beaten path", hiking the mountains or simply being on The Road, here in my "Customers Gallery", you can see pictures of some of them including myself ...

Mirari, Eider and Asier from Pais Vasco, Spain

With Baba from Turkey

At Perperikon with Barbara from Brooklyn, USA

With Brian and Mama from Salinas, California

With Joy from England

Colin's group from England

Mountain biking with Petete and Nacho from Spain

Ed from Oregon, the USA

At Buzludzha with George and Karen from Singapore

Watching birds with Jan from Holland

Joe and Brij from England

At the local library with Virginia from the USA

Yvonne LaLanne and Fern from the USA

In Nessebar with Yvonne and Charlie from England

Exploring Nikopolis Ad Istrum with Jan and Alex from Germany

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