Throughout the years I have worked with many clients of different ages and from different countries - USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Japan and many others ... Here in my "Reviews" section you can read their testimonials about my work and professional skills.

I am especially proud of the articles about my trips, published by my guests in the respectable and highly ranked International Travel News Magazine, USA

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John and Jean Frazier from Maine, USA

Nita and Chuck from New Mexico, USA

GĂ©rard et Maryse Lafitte from France

Anna from London, England

Maria and Tom Gray from the UK

Diane and Don Feldman from California, USA

David, Anel, Johannes, Maretjie from South Africa

"Bulgaria with private guide" - ITN, February 2016

A little drawing dedicated to Bulgaria, done by the famous Flemish artist Joos

Cathryne and Mac from Australia

Yves and friends from Belgium

"The Balkans with a private guide" - ITN, October 2016

Sarah Campbel and Kay Roberts from the USA

Mrs. Mette Djokovich from California, the USA

Mrs. Judith M. Cope from the USA

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