Throughout the years I have worked with many clients of different ages and from different countries - USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Japan and many others ... Here in my "Reviews" section you can read their testimonials about my work and professional skills.

I am especially proud of the articles about my trips, published by my guests in the respectable and highly ranked International Travel News Magazine, USA

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Joe from the USA

"Private guide in Bulgaria" - ITN, December 2013

"Bulgaria guide wonderful"- ITN, February 2014

CP and Chee from California, USA

Mark Rubenstein from USA

"Bulgaria with Patrick"- ITN, July 2012

Donna Zabel from the USA

Gerald Boarino from the USA

George and Karen from Singapore

Joe Plevyak and Janet Elias from the USA

Susanne and Rouven from Germany

Erik Bruun from the USA

3 articles by 3 different clients - ITN, November 2014

Colin's group from England

Mrs. Bilton an expat in Cyprus

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