Roman Bulgaria tour

Day 1: Roman Sofia tour. Transfer to Plovdiv. Ancient Philippopolis tour including the Roman theater, the Roman mosaics, the Forum, the presumed beginning of Via Traiana, etc. Overnight.

Day 2: Departure. Visit to Hisarya - one of the three most important towns in the province of Thrace. We will cross the Central Balkan range through Beklemeto pass (once called Via Traiana – an ancient Roman road connecting Ulpia Oescus with Philipopolis) and drive to the town of Troian. Overnight.

Day 3: Continue on Via Traiana through Sostra (Roman military post) up to Ulpia Oescus (Roman town built to honour emperor Trajan) and then east to Novae (Roman town and a legionary camp in the Roman province Moesia Inferior) on the Danube river. Overnight.

Day 4: Departure to Nicopolis ad Istrum (Roman town founded by emperor Trajan). Drive to Rousse (the ancient Sexaginta Prista Roman Fortress). Overnight.

Day 5: Visits to Abrittus (Roman military camp) and the Museum of Mosaics in Devnia/Marcianopolis. Drive to Varna/Odessos. Overnight.

Day 6: Visits to Cape Kaliakra and the V century Byzantine stronghold situated in the northern part of 'The Big Yaila'. Back to Varna. Overnight.

Day 7: Ancient Odessos tour including the Roman baths and the Archaeological museum. Departure to Nessebur/ Mesembria. Old town tour including the archaeological museum and the churches/ Sea Basilica/ Old Metropolis. Overnight.

Day 8: Drive to Bukelon (the famous fortress, where the glorious battle for Adrianopol between emperor Valent’s troops and the Goths was held in 378) and then to Mezek (11th century Byzantine fortress). Overnight.

Day 9: Drive to Ivailovgrad and visit to Villa Armira (1st century suburban Roman villa). Afternoon visit to Ustra (10th century Byzantine fortress). Overnight.

Day 10: Departure to Sofia.

The legendary Bukelon

Roman tower in Plovdiv

The forum at Nikopolis ad Istrum

The ruins of Ulpia Oescus

Roman theater in Plovdiv

The Roman Baths in Varna

Abrittus - where the famous battle happened

Camels gate at Hisar

Medusa mosaic at Marcianopolis/Devnya

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Roman Bulgaria tour
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