Thracian tombs private tour

Day 1 - Visit to the Thracian temple in Starosel

Day 2 - Visits to the tombs in the Valley of Thracian kings near Kazanlak and the Thracian tomb in Alexandrovo

Day 3 - Visits to Tatul - a Thracian sanctuary dedicated to the legendary Thracian singer Orpheus and the Thracian tomb in Mezek village

Day 4 - Visit to the dolmen near Hliabovo village

Day 5 - Visit to the Thracian mausoleum near Pomorie

Day 6 - Visit to Thracian tomb in Sveshtari - an unique example of the ancient Thracian culture.

Mezek Thracian tomb

Thracian mausoleum near Pomorie

Kazanlak tomb

The Thracian temple in Starosel

Shushmanets Thracian tomb

Alexandrovo Thracian tomb

The Thracian sanctuary at Tatul

Sveshtari Thracian tomb

Seuthes III tomb

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Thracian tombs private tour
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