Old Plovdiv and Bachkovo monastery private tour

Day 1 - The Renaissance town of Old Plovdiv tour, including the Roman theater and the stadium, the archaeological museum, the small and the grand basilicas and their amazing "in situ" mosaics, the 14th century Dzhumaya mosque, the artistic "Kapana" area, etc.

Day 2 - Morning drive to the Wonderful Bridges (one of the most spectacular rock formations in Bulgaria) and a visit to Bachkovo Monastery (second largest in Bulgaria) and Asen's fortress
In the afternoon we can enjoy some wine-tasting at "Dragomir" winery listed in top 100 of the best wineries around the world.

Small basilica mosaic

Large basilica mosaic

Asen's fortress

The Wonderful Bridges

Roman mosaics in Old Plovdiv

Old Plovdiv

Bachkovo monastery

Bachkovo monastery

Bachkovo Monastery

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Old Plovdiv and Bachkovo monastery private tour
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