Hidden treasures in Northern Bulgaria

Day 1 - Arrival. Visit to Magura cave featuring fantastic prehistoric cave drawings (10 000 BC)

Day 2 - Visits to the famous Belogradchik rocks and the fortress. Drive to Zajecar (Serbia) and visit to Felix Romuliana (part of the UNESCO world heritage)
En route to Vidin we will visit one of the best preserved Roman fortresses in Bulgaria - Castra Martis.

Day 3 - Morning visit to "Baba Vida" fortress (the only entirely preserved medieval castle in Bulgaria)
Departure to Pleven and visit to Ulpia Oescus (ancient Roman town in the province of Moesia) on the way

Day 4 - Visits to Novae (Roman Legionary Camp) and Ivanovo Rock monastery (a real treasure of Bulgarian medieval painting) near Ruse.

Day 5 - Departure to the ancient Durostorum. City tour upon arrival including the famous Roman tomb (IV century AD)

Day 6 - Departure to Veliko Tarnovo. On the way we will visit Sveshtari Thracian tomb (the best ancient sight in Bulgaria) and the remains of the Roman Abrittus

Day 7 - Veliko Tarnovo city tour and visits to the Arbanassi churches (Nativity and Archangel Michael and Gabriel)
Departure to Sofia

XVII century Stambol Kapiya in Vidin

Sveshtari Thracian tomb

10 000 years old prehistoric drawings in Magurata cave

Castra Martis

Baba Vida fortress in Vidin

The Ivanovo rock churches

Belogradchik rocks and the fortress

The palace of Galerius at Felix Romuliana

Statue of a Roman woman in the Silistra museum

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Hidden treasures in Northern Bulgaria
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