Bucolic Bulgaria - Europe as it used to be

Day 1 - Drive to the village of Oreshak close to the legendary Troyan Monastery. Visits to the monastery and the national arts and crafts exhibition 

Day 2 - Morning visit to the small village of Gumoshtnik, where we will meet my local connection Angelina. She will show us the local village library and take us to her century old house to drink some mountain tea and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Central Balkan mountains. Continue our tour to ethnographic complex "Etara" (open air museum of typical Bulgarian crafts), the small town of Tryavna known for the well preserved revival architecture and Bozhentsi village famous for the superb examples of 19th century dwellings.

Day 3 - Drive to Veliko Turnovo - the medieval Bulgarian capital. City tour upon arrival including Tsarevets the hill of the Bulgarian Kings and the old crafts street.

Day 4 - Scenic mountain drive to the quaint and lovely village of Zheravna, where, if you get up early enough you can watch the goats and the sheep being taken out to the fields, and jostle with the cows who are coming into the main square for a morning drink.

Day 5 - Morning departure to the town of Kazanlak and the Valley of Roses.. Visits to some of the Thracian tombs in the area as well as the abandoned Buzludzha communist monument and Shipka Russian church

Day 6 - Drive to Plovdiv. Old town tour upon arrival including the Roman theatre and the stadium, Nedkovich house - museum, the archaeological museum, the grand and the small basilicas and their "in situ" mosaics, Kapana artistic area, etc.

Day 7 - Morning drive to the Wonderful Bridges (a natural phenomena) and then to the dramatic Trigrad gorge, where we will visit the Devil's Throat cave.

Day 8 - Pop by the architectural reserve of Dolen village famous for the cobbled streets and the old stone houses and then continue the drive to the famous Rila Monastery.

Enjoying homemade breakfast at Baba Kunka's house

Local shepherds

Zheravna village

Gypsy road

The inside of a XIX century traditional Bulgarian home

Local babushkas in Dolen village

Traditional Bulgarian crafts - icon painting

Rural Bulgaria

The Wonderful Bridges

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Bucolic Bulgaria - Europe as it used to be
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