Communist Bulgaria - behind "The Iron curtain"

Day 1: Communist Sofia city tour including the Monument of the Soviet Army, the National museum of History, the outside of the former Bulgarian Communist party headquarters, etc.

Day 2: Departure to Veliko Tarnovo. On the way we will stop in Lovech and visit one of the most illogical structures build during the Communist period - "The bridge to nowhere". In the afternoon we will "enjoy" the grotesque frescoes in the Patriarch's church on Tsarevets hill.

Day 3: Departure to Varna. On the way we will visit the Shumen monument to 1300 years of Bulgaria - regarded as the only monument in the world to depict the history of a whole country from its creation to the present day. Afternoon tour of Communist Varna including the Monument of the Soviet Army, the Pantheon, etc.

Day 4: Visits to some non-communist style sights as Nessebar (town museum included in World UNESCO heritage) and the little mountain village of Jeravna - world architectural monument.

Day 5: Departure to the border with Turkey. Visit to the infamous "Iron Curtain" - drawing the line between the countries of Western and Eastern Europe and symbolizing the ideological fighting dividing the world into two separate areas from the end of World War II in 1945 until the end of the Cold War in 1989. Visits to bunkers, trenches, barbed wire fence gates, watch towers, abandoned soldier barracks, etc.

Day 6: Departure to "The Dream Town" of Dimitrovgrad - built in 1947 by 50 000 members of the Bulgarian Communist youth brigades. City walk. Continue to the Soviet style monument located on Mount Buzludja - the biggest communist building in Bulgaria!

Day 7: Departure to Plovdiv. Communist Plovdiv city tour including the Monument of Alyosha - the Soviet Soldier-Liberator, etc.

Day 8: Departure to Sofia.

Inside Buzludzha

Plovdiv monument

We build for the Motherland

By the "Iron Curtain"

Outside Buzludzha


November has come in Buzludzha

Soviet monument in Varna

Abandoned "Cold War" bunkers

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Communist Bulgaria - behind "The Iron curtain"
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