Exclusive Bulgaria round tour

On this private tour you will go through the rich history of Bulgaria, starting with the ancient Thracian's, going through the mighty Romans and the times of the Ottoman empire.

You will enjoy our Balkan culture still preserving the old, traditional way of life and the typical Bulgarian rituals. You will go "off-the-beaten-track", meeting local families, visiting lost mountain villages and exploring ancient ruins.

You will relish home cooked fresh meals, as well as the superb Bulgarian wine.

Come join me on this ultimate Bulgarian experience

Day 1: Sofia city tour - including Al. Nevski cathedral, Boyana church, National museum of history, etc.

Day 2: Departure to Veliko Tarnovo - the medieval Bulgarian capital. City tour upon arrival including "Tsarevets" the hill of the Bulgarian kings and a walk around the Old Crafts street.

Day 3: Day tour to Ethnographic complex "Etara" (open air museum featuring typical Bulgarian crafts), the small picturesque town of Tryavna (famous for the authentic Revival architecture, the Clock tower and the wood-carved sun-ceilings of "Daskalova" house), the heroic Dryanovo monastery (the Bulgarian Alamo) and the small village of Gumoshtnik (known for being the only place in Bulgaria with a monument of Titanic), where we will meet my friend Angelina. She will show us the local village library and take us to her century old house to drink some mountain tea and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Central Balkan mountains.

Day 4: Morning visit to Arbanassi village where you can see some of the most exquisite monuments of Bulgarian art like "Nativity" church, "St's Archangels Michael and Gabriel" church, "Konstancialieva" house, etc.
Drive to the well exposed Roman forum of Nicopolis ad Istrum and then to Ivanovo Rock Monastery - exceptional XIV century frescoes characteristic of the rare Palaeologues style. Overnight in Ruse - once called the little Vienna!

Day 5: Morning drive to the Thracian Tomb in Sveshtari (the most impressive ancient site in Bulgaria), Demir Baba Teke (the tomb of the Alian saint Demir Baba) and the Roman town of Abrittus. Visits to Madara Horseman (one of the most popular Bulgarian monuments included in the World Register of Historical Sites since 1979) and "The Stone Forest" (incredible natural phenomena over 40 000 000 years old) on our way to Varna.

Day 6: Varna city tour in the morning including the imposing Cathedral, the Archaeological museum - showing the oldest Golden treasure in the world (over 6000 years) and the Roman baths - fourth largest Roman thermae in Europe.
In the afternoon we will visit The Romanian Queen Castle in Balchik (the summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria) and Cape Kaliakra (revealing splendid views over the Black Sea)

Day 7: Departure to Nessebar (town museum included in World UNESCO heritage). Old town tour.
Continue the trip to the quaint and lovely village of Zheravna, where, if you get up early enough you can watch the goats and the sheep being taken out to the fields, and jostle with the cows who are coming into the main square for a morning drink.

Day 8: Departure to Plovdiv. En route we will visit some of the tombs in the Valley of Thracian Kings including the famous Kazanlak tomb (part of the UNESCO heritage), the abandoned Buzludzha monument and Staro Zhelezare street art village.

Day 9: Pleasant walk along the labyrinth of cobbled streets shaded by charming overhanging buildings in Old Plovdiv, including the Roman theater and the stadium, the Archaeological museum, the Grand Basilica and its amazing "in situ" mosaics, the Small Basilica, the 14th century Dzhumaya mosque Nedkovich house - museum, the artistic "Kapana" area, etc. etc.

Day 10: Beautiful backroads mountain drive en route to Rila Monastery (regarded as one of Bulgaria's most important cultural, historical and architectural monuments). Departure to Sofia.

Rila Monastery

Arbanassi churches

Oldest Golden Treasure in the world

Old Plovdiv

Old Nessebar

Sveshtari Thracian tomb


Tsarevets Hill in Veliko Tarnovo

Buzludzha monument

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Exclusive Bulgaria round tour
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