Hidden treasures in Southern Bulgaria

Day 1 - Visit to Rila Monastery (regarded as Bulgaria's most important cultural, historical and architectural monument). Continue our trip to the smallest town in Bulgaria, Melnik, also known for the original architecture, the sand pyramids and the excellent wines

Day 2 - Morning visit to Kordopulova house and Rozhen monastery. Scenic drive through the mountain roads of Southern Bulgaria on our way to the architectural reserve of Dolen village, where we can explore the cobbled streets and the old stone houses. We can also visit my friend Baba (Grandmother) Dyushka and enjoy her delicious beans for dinner.

Day 3 - Morning drive to the dramatic Trigrad gorge and visit to the Devil's throat cave and then take an off-road jeep ride to the Eagle Eye platform, hanging in the open air 700 metres above the ground. 

Day 4 - Visits to the Devil's bridge (XVI century) located in the picturesque valley of Arda river and to the X century B.C. Thracian niches at the Eagle Rocks by Ardino. 

Day 5 - A day to explore some lost Thracian ruins including visits to Perperikon (the Oracle of Dionysus), the Thracian sanctuary at Tatul, the VIII B.C. Cromlech (the Bulgarian Avebury), as well as the Thracian rock niches at Kovan Kaya and the Deaf Stones.

Day 6 - Morning visit to the Thracian tomb in Mezek and the XI century Byzantine fortress. Our trip continues along the border with Turkey, where we will discover the remains of the infamous "Iron Curtain" symbolizing the ideological fighting between the East and the West for more than 40 years. Visits to bunkers, trenches, barbed wire fence gates, watch towers, abandoned soldier barracks, etc.
Late afternoon departure to Plovdiv

Day 7 - Explore the cobblestone streets of Old Plovdiv and visit the Roman theater and the stadium, drop by the Archaeological museum, enjoy Roman mosaics "in situ" at the Great Basilica, feel the revival spirit of Nedkovich house - museum

Local women in traditional costumes

The Thracian sanctuary at Tatul

The legendary Bukelon fortress

The meanders of Arda river in the Valley of Vultures

Thracian niches at the Eagle Rocks by Ardino

Baba Dyushka serving her delicious beans

The XVI century Devil's bridge

The VIII century B.C. cromlech by Dolni Glavanak

The rock church in Mihalich

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Hidden treasures in Southern Bulgaria
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