At World's End - Cape Kaliakra and Yailata

Morning visit to Cape Kaliakra known for the remains of the Medieval fortress, the "40 maidens" legend, the diversity of birds and the glorious sea views

For lunch you will have the chance to try home made fresh sea food in a guest house in the village of Tyulenovo.

Afternoon visit to the seaside terrace of Yailata, offering cave dwellings dated 5000 years B.C., four necropolises, carved in the rock ancient wineries, as well as the ruins of an early Byzantine fortress (V-VI century AD). The Via Pontica flyway passes along and the place is the perfect spot for birdwatching specially in the fall.

Yailata necropolis

The fortress at Cape Kaliakra

Cave dwelling at Yailata

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At World's End - Cape Kaliakra and Yailata
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