Bulgarian Churches and Monasteries Tour

Day 1: Sofia city tour including 'Alexander Nevski' Patriarchal Cathedral, Boyana church - one of the most remarkable monuments of Bulgarian medieval painting art and the "St. George" rotunda

Day 2:
Departure to Rila Monastery - the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria. Afternoon tour of Rozhen monastery.

Day 3:
Visits to "St. Trinity" church in Bansko and the “St. St. Theodor Tiron & Theodor Stratilat” church in Dobarsko.

Day 4:
Departure to Plovdiv. On the way we will visit Bachkovo monastery - second largest in Bulgaria. The Renaissance town of Old Plovdiv afternoon tour including the 'St. Constantin and Helena' church.

Day 5:
Visits to the Russian church in Shipka and "St. Nicholas" church in the mountain village of Jeravna.

Day 6:
Departure to Varna. City tour of Old Nessebur on the way, including the famous medieval churches - the Old Bishopric (St Sophia), the New Bishopric (of St Stephan), the 'St. Spas' Church, etc.

Day 7:
Varna city tour including the imposing Cathedral and the mysterious 'Virgin Mary Panagia' orthodox church. Departure to the Medieval Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo.
City tour upon arrival.

Day 8:
Day tour to the unique Ivanovo Rock Monastery - beautiful mural paintings dating from the 13th and 14th century. the Arbanassi churches ("Nativity" and the "St's Archangels Michael and Gavril") and to Preobrajenski monastery.

Day 9:
Departure to the village of Oreshak close to the legendary Troyan Monastery. On the way tour of the St 'Archangel Michael' church in Tryavna, the heroic Dryanovo monastery and Sokolovski monastery.

Day 10:
Troyan Monastery tour - the third largest and most significant monastery in Bulgaria and the 'St. Nikola' chapel.

Day 11:
Hiking tour to the hidden Zelenikovski Monastery. Situated up in the Troyan Balkan mountains in the middle of nowhere, built in 1832 for privacy as a branch of the Troyan Monastery and named after St. Joan the Precursor.

Day 12:
Departure to Sofia.

Sokolovski monastery

Wheel of Life in Preobrazhenski monastery

Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo

Troyan monastery

Drianovo monastery

Rila Monastery

Bachkovo Monastery

St. Nikola Letni church in Gumoshtnik village

The Church of Saint Sofia in Nessebar

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Bulgarian Churches and Monasteries Tour
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