Throughout the years I have worked with many clients of different ages and from different countries - USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Japan and many others ... Here in my "Reviews" section you can read their testimonials about my work and professional skills.

I am especially proud of the articles about my trips, published by my guests in the respectable and highly ranked International Travel News Magazine, USA

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Miko and Ayelet from Israel

Claudia and Dietmar from France

"Fabulous guide in Bulgaria" - ITN, October 2018

Dana from San Diego, California

Laurie Campbell from Long Island, NY

"Guide in Bulgaria" - ITN, September 2011

"Report from Bulgaria" - ITN, October 2010

"Wonderful Bulgaria' - ITN, September 2012

Margaret and John from Scotland

Lois and Myrna from Canada

Enid from the UK

Mark and Hilary from England

Joe from the USA

"Private guide in Bulgaria" - ITN, December 2013

"Bulgaria guide wonderful"- ITN, February 2014

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