Ancient Bulgaria Tour

Day 1: Ancient Sofia city tour (including Boyana church and the ruins of the Roman Serdica).

Day 2: Transfer to Plovdiv - ancient Philippopolis. Old city tour - including the Roman theater and the stadium, the Roman mosaics, etc.

Day 3: Departure to the Thracian cult complex by the village of Starosel. Then drive to Hisarya - an ancient Roman town. In the afternoon visit to some of the tombs in the Valley of Thracian Rulers near Kazanlak.

Day 4: Visits to the Thracian tomb in Alexandrovo (IV B. C.) and the Thracian sanctuary at Tatul, as well as Harman Kaia - 7000 years old sacred place.

Day 5: Early morning visit to Perperikon – the lost oracle of Dionysus. Continue to the VIII B. C. Cromlech and the Deaf Stones (XII B. C. Thracian burial niches).

Day 6: Morning visit to the Thracian tomb in Mezek (IV B. C.) and the XI century Byzantine fortress. Continue to the X century rock church in Mihalich village, the legendary Bukelon (the famous fortress, where the glorious battle for Adrianopol between emperor Valent’s troops and the Goths was held in 378) and the 3000 years old dolmen by Hliabovo village.

Day 7: Departure to Nessebur - town museum included in World Unesco heritage. Old town tour. Continue to Varna. City tour in the afternoon including the Roman baths and the Archaeological museum showing the Oldest Golden treasure in the World!

Day 8: Tour of Cape Kaliakra - archaeological historical and natural reserve and 'Yailata' - the cave dwellings, the necropolis and an early Byzantine fortress. Back to Varna.

Day 9: Drive to Madara Horseman - one of the most popular Bulgarian monuments included in the World Register of Historical Sites since 1979. Then visit to Pliska - capital of the first Bulgarian state and the Thracian tomb in Sveshtari - an unique example of the ancient Thracian culture. Drive to Russe.

Day 10: Departure to Veliko Turnovo - the medieval Bulgarian capital. On the way we will visit the Roman ruins of Nicopolis ad Istrum and Ivanovo Rock Monastery - unique for its Renaissance  frescoes.

Day 11: Morning tour of the medieval Bulgarian capital. Departure to Sofia in the afternoon.

The Thracian sanctuary at Tatul

Roman theater in Plovdiv

Sveshtari Thracian tomb

Kazanlak tomb

The tomb of Seuthes III

Oldest golden treasure in the world

The Thracian temple in Starosel

Fragment from the city council at Nikopolis Ad Istrum

The 3000 years old dolmen near Hliabovo

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Ancient Bulgaria Tour
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